Monday, 7 June 2010


People around the world like in Kenya have to walk miles- at least one hour just to get half a bucket of filthy water from a dry hot bed of sand and they have to dig for ages until the soft sand gets faintly damp and they half fill their bucket with the horrible water. Sometimes they die because wild animals pollute their water and there are diseases from animal poop -YUCK! They also get water from wells made of mud and clay.

When we flush our toilet the waste travels through some pipes called the underground sewers and then the flowing water swarms into the waste water treatment plant and gets filtered.

I learnt that we have to be responsible for our special water supply because 85 percent of the earth is covered with water but only 1 percent is drinkable. So we have to help by having short showers and turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.

I was an inquirer because I researched a lot and as best I could by using computer links and books and I tried to get interesting information.
I was responsible because I wrote in my explanation what I had found out and what I understood.
My group and I were reflective because we stopped and checked our explanation.

I feel terrible and sorry because we have so much crystal clean water and we have been wasting it and poor countries like in Kenya have hardly any, and their part is extremely horrible.
I take care of my share of stupendous water now by flushing the toilet once, turning off the tap when I’m brushing my diamond white teeth and making sure I have a short shower.
I fully appreciate our water supply because our water is clear silvery-blue and safe to drink.

By Super Tessa


I have learnt how people get water across the world. Some people have to walk for hours to get water, and then the water is dirty and not clean like our tap water.

The water that we don’t use, goes down the drain into pipes that go to a water treatment plant. There the water gets filtered and it goes back into our rivers, streams and lakes.

We can help by not polluting the water and by trying to work sparingly with our water.

I have been an inquirer because I did some research on water and how to be more responsible.

I was responsible because I did my research and helped my group with our Keynote.

I researched my work and had the teacher check it for me.

It is sad that not everyone can have good clean water like we do. In India, people sometimes have to walk for hours to get water.

By not wasting water, I am taking care of our planet.

Not everyone has access to clean water, but I can just turn on a tap and have clean water. So I have to appreciate that we have clean water!

By Sylvia


I learnt that people in Niger access water from wells and pumps.

I also learnt that when you flush a toilet the water from it goes down some small, twisty pipes that lead to a sewage pipe. The murky water then goes to a sewage treatment plant where it gets treated and pumped back into the sea.

A final thing I learnt was that we have to take care of our water supply because it is finite and once it is gone (all polluted), we cannot get any more of it.

I was an inquirer because I researched 2 different countries and found out how both of them access water.

I was responsible for my share of the work because I finished my work and published it, but I ran over time.

I was reflective I found the right information but next time I have to change my inquiry work quicker if I can't find the right information.

I now feel very sorry for all the people who do not have access to clean, safe water.

I now take care of our water supply because I don’t have showers longer than 5 minutes and I do not leave the tap running when I am brushing my teeth.

I now appreciate the water I have. I also know that I cannot waste it!!!



Reflection Sharing the planet - Dannidee

People access water in many different ways like wells, springs, caves, aquifers and dirty rivers. Sometimes it gets very gross because animals poo goes in it.

Water changes in so many ways like when the water from your toilet goes to the waste water treatment plant where all the bad germs die because of the super bugs. If the super bugs don’t eat all the bad germs, they get to go in a room with many bright lights that will kill them.

We can take care of the water by having 5 min showers and not washing your car on the driveway because it goes down into the storm water drains. I pour the left-over water from my drink bottle on to some plants so they stay alive.

I was a good inquirer because I told my group that when we where researching we all had to go on the computer and read in books to get information.

I think I was responsible because I did my fair share learning my lines for my speech.

I was reflective because when one of our group members got off the track we helped her to get on the right track again.

I feel sorry for the people that have to walk all the three hours to get half a bucket of dirty muddy water that they can only drink not even wash their face with it. They can die from that water.

I do take care of our planet Earth because I pour the left over water from my drink bottle on some plants at home.

I am very grateful for what I have because I can just turn on the tap and turn it off again. But in India they have to walk to get their water and walk all the way back again.


Reflection Sharing the planet

I learned that people in India accessed water from wells. Most people have to walk for hours to fetch water. They hardly get any time to go to school or to play. I also learnt that when you turn on a tap, the water goes down a pipe and then to a water treatment plant. At the treatment plant the water gets filtered. The solid bits then get sent to farmers to fertilize their crops and the treated water go back to our lakes, streams and rivers.

I was an inquirer because I have done my research on water.

In my group, I have been responsible, because I researched my work and I didn’t get distracted.

I was reflective because I did a lot of research.

I feel sorry for poor people that don’t have any clean water.

In all the research that I have done, I have learned ways to save our water, by taking shorter showers and by not running the tap when I brush my teeth.

I have appreciation for our water supply now, because we are lucky enough to just turn on a tap, where other countries aren’t so lucky.

By Daisy


I learnt that people in Niger access water around the world. They have some people called World Vision and if they didn’t have them, they would be very unsafe.

I learnt that water goes to the water treatment plant. There are some super bugs that eat the germs. Then the water goes to a room with a bright light that kills them.

I have learnt to take care of our water and to not pollute water, don’t throw sticks and rubbish or litter in the water.

What I did was watch every on-line link. For my task I had to put images in. Also I watched links and found information. We also put captions.

I feel sorry for the people in Niger who got sick and for people who don’t care about our water supplies.

Now I do not go in the shower when it is cold, all you need to do is to get a bucket to catch it, then give it to the plants.

I feel thankful for the water that we get because it keeps us healthy.

Caitlin M

H20 Reflection Sharing the Planet By Caitlin M

I learnt that some people do not only get water from taps but wells too.

When we use water in the sink we make it soapy.

We have to be responsible for our rivers by not polluting them. We found out the information from books and on the computer.

My responsibilities where I had to write it up then type it on pages. Next I had to record it on the computer.

I checked my spelling and made a few changes and I feel good that I’ve finished.

I have made a few changes at my house. I put a pale under the shower and I don’t run the water when I brush my teeth.

I am very grateful for the place I live because we have taps. I feel good about a tap in NZ.


I learned that many countries have different ways of accessing water. Some people get water from wells, aquifers, waterholes and taps. Also they have to drink dirty water and they share with animal. The animals share the same place that some people get water from.

I have learnt that water can change in many ways. When we wash our selfs all the water goes down the plug and into pipes where it travels to the waste pipe and then to the water treatment plant.

The best way to save water is to have 5 minute showers. Another example for saving water, the water that you don’t need you could give it to your pets.

I was an inquirer because I think I researched and checked that I had the right information.

In our group, I think I was responsible because I did my part and I found my own information.

I was reflective because I went back and checked our group work.

I feel sorry for people around the world because they do not have clean water like us.

I have integrity because I would pick up the litter if it was mine.

We should really appreciate what we have because we have cool clean water.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Heirloom homework-Sylvia & Cole


Around the world people access water in different ways pumps, streams, taps, wells and lakes. In the poor countries it is a two hour walk.

I learnt that I am lucky and some people are unlucky when water comes to mind. People die from the water they drink because they share it with things like camels and other animals that live in the desert.

For this inquiry this was form and funtion.

When we go to the toilet or brush our teeth the water we use has changed because we have added extra things to the water. When you go to the toilet, you add personal waste into the water. When you brush your teeth you have spat in the water, and so on.

For this inquiry this was change.

To take responsibility for water supply we can save water and you can save water by taking 5 minute showers, fixing leaking broken taps and turning off the tap when you brush your teeth. People work hard to get the water. In the hotter countries people don’t have as much water as you, so you should take care.

For this inquiry this was responsibility.

I researched in books and on-line links that the teacher gave me and my group. On computer research I only watched movies, but I read lots of books.

I learned that water is not necessarily rare, but it is limited and that is how I was an inquirer in my group.

I was responsible for my task because I didn’t let anyone distract me by keeping focused and wearing head phones, to keep out the noise.

I checked that I was researching properly with my group and this was tricky because one member was always away.

I feel sorry for the people in countries with water shortages because we have all the water we want while they have to drink dirty, sandy water trying to survive. We don’t die from water pollution. In other words I feel empathy for poor countries. I take integrity for the planet now because of what I have learnt this term. I appreciate what I have because I know what other countries go through every day.