Monday, 7 June 2010


I learnt that people in Niger access water around the world. They have some people called World Vision and if they didn’t have them, they would be very unsafe.

I learnt that water goes to the water treatment plant. There are some super bugs that eat the germs. Then the water goes to a room with a bright light that kills them.

I have learnt to take care of our water and to not pollute water, don’t throw sticks and rubbish or litter in the water.

What I did was watch every on-line link. For my task I had to put images in. Also I watched links and found information. We also put captions.

I feel sorry for the people in Niger who got sick and for people who don’t care about our water supplies.

Now I do not go in the shower when it is cold, all you need to do is to get a bucket to catch it, then give it to the plants.

I feel thankful for the water that we get because it keeps us healthy.

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