Monday, 7 June 2010


Reflection Sharing the planet

I learned that people in India accessed water from wells. Most people have to walk for hours to fetch water. They hardly get any time to go to school or to play. I also learnt that when you turn on a tap, the water goes down a pipe and then to a water treatment plant. At the treatment plant the water gets filtered. The solid bits then get sent to farmers to fertilize their crops and the treated water go back to our lakes, streams and rivers.

I was an inquirer because I have done my research on water.

In my group, I have been responsible, because I researched my work and I didn’t get distracted.

I was reflective because I did a lot of research.

I feel sorry for poor people that don’t have any clean water.

In all the research that I have done, I have learned ways to save our water, by taking shorter showers and by not running the tap when I brush my teeth.

I have appreciation for our water supply now, because we are lucky enough to just turn on a tap, where other countries aren’t so lucky.

By Daisy

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