Monday, 7 June 2010


Reflection Sharing the planet - Dannidee

People access water in many different ways like wells, springs, caves, aquifers and dirty rivers. Sometimes it gets very gross because animals poo goes in it.

Water changes in so many ways like when the water from your toilet goes to the waste water treatment plant where all the bad germs die because of the super bugs. If the super bugs don’t eat all the bad germs, they get to go in a room with many bright lights that will kill them.

We can take care of the water by having 5 min showers and not washing your car on the driveway because it goes down into the storm water drains. I pour the left-over water from my drink bottle on to some plants so they stay alive.

I was a good inquirer because I told my group that when we where researching we all had to go on the computer and read in books to get information.

I think I was responsible because I did my fair share learning my lines for my speech.

I was reflective because when one of our group members got off the track we helped her to get on the right track again.

I feel sorry for the people that have to walk all the three hours to get half a bucket of dirty muddy water that they can only drink not even wash their face with it. They can die from that water.

I do take care of our planet Earth because I pour the left over water from my drink bottle on some plants at home.

I am very grateful for what I have because I can just turn on the tap and turn it off again. But in India they have to walk to get their water and walk all the way back again.

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