Saturday, 5 June 2010


Around the world people access water in different ways pumps, streams, taps, wells and lakes. In the poor countries it is a two hour walk.

I learnt that I am lucky and some people are unlucky when water comes to mind. People die from the water they drink because they share it with things like camels and other animals that live in the desert.

For this inquiry this was form and funtion.

When we go to the toilet or brush our teeth the water we use has changed because we have added extra things to the water. When you go to the toilet, you add personal waste into the water. When you brush your teeth you have spat in the water, and so on.

For this inquiry this was change.

To take responsibility for water supply we can save water and you can save water by taking 5 minute showers, fixing leaking broken taps and turning off the tap when you brush your teeth. People work hard to get the water. In the hotter countries people don’t have as much water as you, so you should take care.

For this inquiry this was responsibility.

I researched in books and on-line links that the teacher gave me and my group. On computer research I only watched movies, but I read lots of books.

I learned that water is not necessarily rare, but it is limited and that is how I was an inquirer in my group.

I was responsible for my task because I didn’t let anyone distract me by keeping focused and wearing head phones, to keep out the noise.

I checked that I was researching properly with my group and this was tricky because one member was always away.

I feel sorry for the people in countries with water shortages because we have all the water we want while they have to drink dirty, sandy water trying to survive. We don’t die from water pollution. In other words I feel empathy for poor countries. I take integrity for the planet now because of what I have learnt this term. I appreciate what I have because I know what other countries go through every day.

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