Monday, 7 June 2010


I learnt that people in Niger access water from wells and pumps.

I also learnt that when you flush a toilet the water from it goes down some small, twisty pipes that lead to a sewage pipe. The murky water then goes to a sewage treatment plant where it gets treated and pumped back into the sea.

A final thing I learnt was that we have to take care of our water supply because it is finite and once it is gone (all polluted), we cannot get any more of it.

I was an inquirer because I researched 2 different countries and found out how both of them access water.

I was responsible for my share of the work because I finished my work and published it, but I ran over time.

I was reflective I found the right information but next time I have to change my inquiry work quicker if I can't find the right information.

I now feel very sorry for all the people who do not have access to clean, safe water.

I now take care of our water supply because I don’t have showers longer than 5 minutes and I do not leave the tap running when I am brushing my teeth.

I now appreciate the water I have. I also know that I cannot waste it!!!


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