Monday, 7 June 2010


I learned that many countries have different ways of accessing water. Some people get water from wells, aquifers, waterholes and taps. Also they have to drink dirty water and they share with animal. The animals share the same place that some people get water from.

I have learnt that water can change in many ways. When we wash our selfs all the water goes down the plug and into pipes where it travels to the waste pipe and then to the water treatment plant.

The best way to save water is to have 5 minute showers. Another example for saving water, the water that you don’t need you could give it to your pets.

I was an inquirer because I think I researched and checked that I had the right information.

In our group, I think I was responsible because I did my part and I found my own information.

I was reflective because I went back and checked our group work.

I feel sorry for people around the world because they do not have clean water like us.

I have integrity because I would pick up the litter if it was mine.

We should really appreciate what we have because we have cool clean water.

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