Monday, 7 June 2010


I have learnt how people get water across the world. Some people have to walk for hours to get water, and then the water is dirty and not clean like our tap water.

The water that we don’t use, goes down the drain into pipes that go to a water treatment plant. There the water gets filtered and it goes back into our rivers, streams and lakes.

We can help by not polluting the water and by trying to work sparingly with our water.

I have been an inquirer because I did some research on water and how to be more responsible.

I was responsible because I did my research and helped my group with our Keynote.

I researched my work and had the teacher check it for me.

It is sad that not everyone can have good clean water like we do. In India, people sometimes have to walk for hours to get water.

By not wasting water, I am taking care of our planet.

Not everyone has access to clean water, but I can just turn on a tap and have clean water. So I have to appreciate that we have clean water!

By Sylvia

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