Sunday, 30 September 2012

Digital Behaviour Management

I came across a behaviour management post by Tracey on her blog at OUR COOL SCHOOL about keeping it positive Digital Style.  Read more about it on the eLearning Reflections Page...

Classroom Olympics

Measurement Olympics

I found a great resource to help run a classroom Olympics activity as a motivation for starting your measuring unit. It tied in brilliantly with the Olympics this year too.
Read more on my  Maths Reflections page here...

Parent Sharing Morning

We enjoyed hosting our families this term and held a sharing morning during which students had their parents undivided attention for 30 min in the classroom. It took us a day to prepare and organise the learning we wanted to share.

Included items were:
Explain the subtraction strategies that you have learned this term and teach one of them to your parent.
Play a math game with your parent that helps you practice your maths knowledge goal form your student profile sheet.
Share your current handwriting practice sheet with your parent and discuss the feedback you receive from the teacher.
Read your favourite paragraph from your Scampered Fairy tale that you are working on and show how you are working on your writing goal, then show the VCOPS wall to your parent.
Take your parent to the reading wall and explain how the reading timetable works, then share one of the comprehension strategies from you book and the follow up reading activity where you had to use it.
Share your time capsule from the unit we finished under the Where We Are in Place and Time theme.
Take your parent to the topic wall and explain our community map to them for our current theme  How We Organise Ourselves.
Finally show your parent how you use the digital technology to reinforce and extend your learning.

Here is a link to a slideshow on our class wiki - see week 9.

The students were very excited and proud of what they had prepared. At the end, they all received a star from their parent/s and then they wrote a wish together.
 We then ended the day by giving each student a star and a wish to write about their teacher, e.g.
'what is one thing that you feel I do really well in supporting your learning?' and
'What is one thing that you would like me to do that would support you learning even more?'
A very interesting reflection exercise.
The most common theme for stars were - everything is just right and you give honest feedback so I know what to do next
The most common them for wishes were - I'd like my own office where I can work without being taken off task by other students and I'd like to have my own computer device to use at school, e.g. laptop or iPad.
You can download this template here for free
or view in my TpT store.

Daily 5 Trial for SSR

SSR stands for sustained silent reading. It is a standard component of the New Zealand Literacy block. However, using Daily 5 can invigorate a tired SSR session for your students. Here is how I am trialling it with my Y4 students.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Art to start the year

I like to start the year with an art project of some sort. This year we worked on one called Blue Nikau (complete step by step unit available at the TPT store).

Our Y4 block is named after the Nikau Palm tree and its a good little unit to teach about complimentary colours. Here is the explanation I posted up with the art work, at our Y4/5 art exhibition.
 The unit is set out in landscape format so that it fits to your computer screen and each step can also be easily projected up for your students to view.

I'd like to acknowledge fellow art lover and teacher Fiona Scott for inspiring this unit. Many years ago she hosted an art workshop for gifted art students in our school zone and my Y5 student came back with an amazing piece of artwork. This unit was taught to 8 year olds and I'm sure you'll agree they each produced a great piece of art.

A couple were even exhibited at the local Albany Westfield Mall for a few days.

I also made a classroom sign to compliment this theme, incorporating a poem by Faith Safari (available here)  
  Our classroom agreement has also taken the form of a Nikau Palm tree but using our Learner Profile (IB). I have posted about that on the IB Reflections page. (see top tabs or click on art in the cloud)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Reading Comprehension Website

Found this great little website. Covers reading comprehension strategies and a great independent eLearning or Home learning activity for your students. Also great teacher support with videos and activity ideas. Enjoy:D


Friday, 21 September 2012


In New Zealand, it is standard practice to group students in your class for reading instruction, based on ability. I have 4 groups (I call them book-clubs) in my current class of Year 4's and meet with each group 2x a week. When I started looking into CAFE, I began to reflect on how I could incorporate this into my programme. Here are my thoughts...CAFE

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Reading - Take 5 (September 2012)

Daily Five Reading and Literacy CAFE

(September 2012)

Recently I was told about this reading concept.
While investigating, I found that many schools both overseas and here in New Zealand are adopting it for their overall Reading and word work Framework. Pin interest has many examples to see.

The Daily Five is...Read more on the Reading Reflections Page 


Monday, 17 September 2012

A recycled Blog!

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I have used my blog, mainly because I couldn't quite anchor it into my teaching and learning programme. Thanks to the examples from some really capable teachers around the words, I will now attempt to change direction and use is as a reflection journal of our learning journey.
I have separated the blog into 4 areas. These can be seen just beneath the main header. I will aim to post about various learning happening in my classroom and any reflections around those. Your feedback is most welcome too.
Occasionally I will include resources that we use where appropriate as well.