Sunday, 23 September 2012

Art to start the year

I like to start the year with an art project of some sort. This year we worked on one called Blue Nikau (complete step by step unit available at the TPT store).

Our Y4 block is named after the Nikau Palm tree and its a good little unit to teach about complimentary colours. Here is the explanation I posted up with the art work, at our Y4/5 art exhibition.
 The unit is set out in landscape format so that it fits to your computer screen and each step can also be easily projected up for your students to view.

I'd like to acknowledge fellow art lover and teacher Fiona Scott for inspiring this unit. Many years ago she hosted an art workshop for gifted art students in our school zone and my Y5 student came back with an amazing piece of artwork. This unit was taught to 8 year olds and I'm sure you'll agree they each produced a great piece of art.

A couple were even exhibited at the local Albany Westfield Mall for a few days.

I also made a classroom sign to compliment this theme, incorporating a poem by Faith Safari (available here)  
  Our classroom agreement has also taken the form of a Nikau Palm tree but using our Learner Profile (IB). I have posted about that on the IB Reflections page. (see top tabs or click on art in the cloud)

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