Sunday, 30 September 2012

Parent Sharing Morning

We enjoyed hosting our families this term and held a sharing morning during which students had their parents undivided attention for 30 min in the classroom. It took us a day to prepare and organise the learning we wanted to share.

Included items were:
Explain the subtraction strategies that you have learned this term and teach one of them to your parent.
Play a math game with your parent that helps you practice your maths knowledge goal form your student profile sheet.
Share your current handwriting practice sheet with your parent and discuss the feedback you receive from the teacher.
Read your favourite paragraph from your Scampered Fairy tale that you are working on and show how you are working on your writing goal, then show the VCOPS wall to your parent.
Take your parent to the reading wall and explain how the reading timetable works, then share one of the comprehension strategies from you book and the follow up reading activity where you had to use it.
Share your time capsule from the unit we finished under the Where We Are in Place and Time theme.
Take your parent to the topic wall and explain our community map to them for our current theme  How We Organise Ourselves.
Finally show your parent how you use the digital technology to reinforce and extend your learning.

Here is a link to a slideshow on our class wiki - see week 9.

The students were very excited and proud of what they had prepared. At the end, they all received a star from their parent/s and then they wrote a wish together.
 We then ended the day by giving each student a star and a wish to write about their teacher, e.g.
'what is one thing that you feel I do really well in supporting your learning?' and
'What is one thing that you would like me to do that would support you learning even more?'
A very interesting reflection exercise.
The most common theme for stars were - everything is just right and you give honest feedback so I know what to do next
The most common them for wishes were - I'd like my own office where I can work without being taken off task by other students and I'd like to have my own computer device to use at school, e.g. laptop or iPad.
You can download this template here for free
or view in my TpT store.

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