Monday, 8 October 2012

Daily 5 Listening Centre Follow up

Expanding the Listening Centre in my Daily 5 programme is my next job at the start of the new term. For the last couple of years, my students have enjoyed listening to the entertaining stories of Canadian author - Robert Munsch. You can explore his website for yourself here. Click on the BLUE BOOK. This will bring up 'Quick find' on the right beneath the book images. Choose a story with the up/down arrows. Then click GO. A media player will pop up. You will fall in love with these stories.
Later I added the ever expanding site - Studyladder - to this activity. In the Literacy section of this site, there is a reading section. The digital books are leveled and students can choose to turn the speaker on. The stories are followed by comprehension activities, both on-line and printable. You will need to open an account for Studyladder in your area. I use the New Zealand site at:

To follow up the listening activity, and to encourage listening with purpose, I devised the following activity pack.
After writing it, I remembered that the British spelling we use in New Zealand differs for some words in the US, so I made a second copy with US spelling and bundled them into 1 pack. You can grab it here at my TpT store.
 Here is the contents page and a sample, free for you to enjoy.

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