Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Super Speed Maths

Today I want to post about a cool way to practice Basic Facts in your classroom that doesn't involve paper and pen and encourages mental arithmetic. Chris Biffle from Whole Brain Teaching shared this resource a few years back and it just sat on my hard drive till this term. Such a shame, now that I see how much the kiddies are enjoying it.
This is my old copy. I believe it has been updated now to include Fractions too.

I have a few reluctant/slow writers that know their facts but just don't achieve on timed written quizzes, so I wanted to give something different a go.

We started with each student gluing the first level of facts and the matching answer sheet into their books (1 per page and side by side). There are multiple levels in the resource.

They work with a buddy. Person A gets 60 sec to read out and answer as many facts as they can. Person B monitors on the answer sheet. If a wrong answer is given, person B says "Beep! its x, go back 2 spaces". Person A then resumes 2 spaces before the incorrect answer.
Sorry if pics are a bit blurry. I cut them from the video.

When the timer buzzer rings, person A records a small 1 beside the last fact answered.

Person A now immediately gets a second go, with the aim of beating their first go. If they do so, the reward is to highlight off a row of facts at the top of the page. Tomorrow they start on the row directly below the highlighted one.

Repeat with person B.

I also gave out the STAR sheet that they record the  coordinate of the last answer given each day (the box where they write a small 2), to monitor their progress.

I have loaded up a short video (quicktime) of it in action today, on my classroom wiki page for this term. Feel free to visit and leave feedback here.

You can also watch a Chris Biffle webinar about it here here on You Tube but be warned, it is long (almost an hour). The resourse is available FREE* for download on their WBT website.

* resources are usually free with the pro visor that you share about WBT to your teaching community.

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