Monday, 22 October 2012

The Art of Frank Stella

As part of our - How We Express Ourselves - unit, I searched the internet for motivation to do something different in an artist study from your usual VanGogh, Picasso etc.

That's when I came across an image of some unusual looking student artwork based on American artist Frank Stella.

That little image motivated the following unit. It looks absolutely WOW when mounted up on your classroom wall for display, or in a public area in the school, because of its 3D nature. I wouldn't do it with kiddies younger than 8/9 though. That is the age group that is represented in the resource so older kiddies would yield a more graphic result.

This is what it looked like in my room:
The great thing  was that my class learnt about colour theory along the way. I incorporated fractions and  patterns in Geometry too.

It was so much fun that we have repeated the unit again. My class particularly loved the final part of cutting and gluing the sculptural shapes. They were very creative with this part and so good at helping each other as they got to that part. Because of its segmented nature, students could pull it out and work on it for about 30 min each day, or completing one section at a time.

I have put it up the 53 slide unit on TpT so please take a look. I designed it in landscape format so that you can project each step up for your kiddies to see. Its in full colour and jam packed with photographs. I would love for you to try it and send me some feedback. Click here to be taken to the unit on TpT. It is at 50% off till Christmas.

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