Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Learner Profiles

Hi everyone,

With the start of the new year approaching, I have been thinking about and compiling 'Start of the Year' activities that formulate how the classroom will work cohesively.

At the start of each year we revisit all ten Learner Profiles (I teach at an International School that follows the curriculum framework laid out by the IBO). These are then incorporated into all our units, as well as our classroom behaviour contract.

This time I created a Mix & Match activity around the Profiles for a group activity. Just download from TpT for FREE, print, laminate and cut. Students then attempt to match the pairs in teams. This really forces them to read the definition of each profile and this can lead to good discussions.

I printed 6 sets for my class (1 per group) and used colour markers on the corners of the boxes before laminating and cutting. This will make it easier to sort out if the sets ever get muddled up.

I also came across some cute posters created by Andrea Knight for juniors, that inspired this 'Parts of a Learner' poster. This poster is aimed at classrooms from Y4 - High School. I integrated the essence of the Learner Profiles so that students could see how these related to their daily lives. It can be found in the same product mentioned above.

I would love for you to leave a comment below about these resources :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Organise Table Toolkits & labels Freebie

As summer break draws to an end, teachers start migrating back to their classrooms to make a start on the new year down here in the Southern Hemisphere. One of my first jobs this week has been to create a stationery toolkit for each table. Here is a picture of what it looks like.
Each table has its own file holder to hold the students learning journal folders (homework) which will travel to school daily, and a bucket that contains the stationery required. Each item has been marked by a piece of coloured tape to match the table group, for easy identification. The table leader will be responsible for checking the table bucket before each break and at the end of the day. I made rectangular labels for the file holders and buckets. Then I laminated these and taped them on. The disc labels have also been laminated. One is blue-tacked to the centre of the table for the bucket to sit on, and the other, to the white board for point scoring. The stationery is only intended to be used to reduce unnecessary movement or to help in a pinch when a student runs out of their own supply.
You can grab your own copy of the labels FREE Here. There are 6 colours that I based on the coloured tape from the $2 store.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cinquain Poems

Hello teacher friends,

Last term there was an afternoon when many of our teachers had to attend union meetings, so we had to double up some classes for the afternoon sessions. I planned a poetry lesson and made this student guide to go with it. Being term 4, it was a great way to revise some of the learning we had done during our water unit (Sharing the Planet - IB), as well as language features. I took it as a guided lesson for the first poem and as an independent for the second (9 yr olds). It went really well. You can grab your copy by clicking on the image below. We worked through the first booklet (water poems) but I have also added a blank booklet so that you can use it for any theme you are working on.
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hello Teaching Friends...2 Step-by-step Art Units

Here in New Zealand we have been enjoying a wonderfully relaxing and hot Summer vacation. I have taken a break from all things 'School' til we had our team planning meeting yesterday. This does seem early as we only start back with Staff Days on the 30th but my new team this year is awesomely talented. One of our members will lead 2 international conferences for IBO before we go back this term, so we thought we would get a jump on things early. The other member is an eLearning guru and our school's ICT leader. Lucky me I say :)

At the end of last year I had to make a classroom move to the senior block as an opportunity came along to shift from teaching Year 4 (9yr olds) to teaching Year 6 (11yr olds). Daunting at first as this meant an over haul of my teaching materials to suit the older kiddies, but I knew it was an opportunity to create lots of lovely new resources to share with my teacher friends.

I will keep you updated as I go :) For now I would like to share 2 art resources that I posted to TpT today. They are both published as books here in New Zealand with CD's to allow for digital sharing with your class of the steps as you go. They are available as books here at HelpMeLearn or you can download the digital file instantly, direct from TpT here and here for less than half price (now that's a bargain!).

1) Dragonfly Dreams
This is a unit I first created with 7 yr olds and WOW! I think you'll agree - what a great job they did.


2) Maori Cultural Panels
This unit was born out of a unit I taught about New Zealand's First People - The Maori, to 10 yr olds. There was very little teaching resource available around on this topic for English medium schools at that time, so I compiled it into an art unit that has proven very popular here in New Zealand, selling many, many copies.

Enjoy :)