Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Picture Book for Valentine's Day

A Lovely picture book suited to all ages with its poignant message is "How to heal a broken wing" written by Bob Graham.

You can read more about it and the author HERE

We used it together to practice inference skills and making connections to self and the world.

Our action (reader response) took the form of a Valentines Day challenge, fitting in with our Unit of Inquiry for ...
How We Organise Ourselves - Leadership.

Our central idea is: Leadership means living a life of integrity and of inspiring others,
with  lines of inquiry as follows:
Living a life of integrity everywhere.
Leader’s acceptance of others, allows others to accept the leader.
Leadership involves serving others with commitment and sacrifice.
And now for the challenge.

As a class we discussed what Random acts of kindness were and where we have actioned these in the past.
We have now set ourselves the challenge of completing 100 Random Acts of Classroom Kindness over the next 2 weeks.  When students complete an act, they collect a heart to fill out the information on and it's then posted up on our wall.

  Thank you to MyCuteGraphics for the gorgeous Valentine's Day images :)

Here is our wall so far...

...and by the end of the first week...

Well done Rata W...awesome RACK's on our wall   :) :)

Check in to see how we go by the end of next week. So how do you go about encouraging leadership in your students?
Love to see your comments below.

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