Wednesday, 20 March 2013

5W and 1H

Hello friends,

Today, for writing, I pulled out a section from my resource

Reading Comprehension Skills and Figurative Language Posters

It's the Who, What, Why, Where, When & How questions. I printed them in greyscale for my students, reducing to 2-1 as well. We make envelopes to keep them in and made our own tool kits for buddy conferencing.

Then we got together with a buddy to share our narratives. Students read 1 paragraph at a time, while their buddy held the question prompts ready to ask expanding questions of the writer. After taking turns with this activity, the kiddies regrouped and shared the results of their expanded sentences back to their table groups. What a difference!

This was a follow up to a great little digital motivator called "I made tea." Take your students through it by clicking onto each 'greyed out' word. It will blow their minds how you can expand 1 short, dull sentence into an entire paragraph.

(Here) is the link to the digital motivator and I added some images of our tool-kits, too :)




  1. love the link you used as a motivator!


  2. Thanks KD :) We did too. Very powerful!
    We found it through the wonderful Jacqui Sharp.
    T xx