Saturday, 2 March 2013

Narrative Writing Posters

Hello Friends,

We are hard at work writing our first Narratives this year. The motivational text that I used for this is
Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day by Judith Viorst

You can preview the book on Youtube and the HBO cartoon is also there.

First, we shared the story and discussed why we may have a strong  personal connections to the events that Alexander experiences throughout his day.  We also looked at why the character kept wanting to go to Australia and why would the author keep repeating this concept as a link through the story.

For home-learning, students discussed their own unlucky, unfortunate or 'bad day' experiences with their families, that they have had over the years, and made a list in their Learning Journals, to bring to school.

In class we used these to create a time-line for our stories. We talked about how author's write from personal experiences in order to connect with their reader about  relate-able topics. Also how authors may modify the circumstances or details of these events to fit a story idea or message. My kiddies had to adapt experiences that happened over several years to a timeline that would fit 'Yesterday' - Our Very Bad Day'.

So far we have written the Orientation and half of the sequence of events. They are sounding amazing so far :)

I created this support material for Writing Narratives, both for myself - to refresh the features in my mind - and also to share with the students as they edit their draft work.

I have included descriptions and examples of the following supporting concepts:
Purpose of Narrative Text
Types of Narrative Text
Features of Narrative Text
Plan a Narrative Text
Use of the Senses
Rhetorical Questions
Vary Sentence Openers
Personal Voice

Hope you find it useful too. You can grab it from HERE or HERE

Will share the results soon :)

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