Saturday, 30 March 2013

Teaching Research Skills & a Freebie

Hello friends,
One if the more tricky aspects of research is teaching kiddies to find keywords, record them, then convert them into explanations in their own words, avoiding plagiarism.

When I taught Year 4 last year, we had a great unit on Natural Disasters / Forces, under the transdisciplinary theme - How the World Works.
This is a really meaty topic that kiddies love to get their teeth into. I have compiled a mini unit around some of the essentials that I used, and popped it onto TPT (HERE) and onto TN (HERE).

 There are 2 title options, depending on your approach, I felt 'Forces' was a better word choice for younger students and helped differentiate between the natural and necessary activities of the Earth (forces), and when these activities occur in highly populated areas (disasters).

The unit contains:

1. Report Criteria: & checklist for the student's books to highlight off
2. Student note-taking sheets for research
3. Presentation samples
4. Links to reference websites (2 pages)
5. Assessment Rubric sample

I included 2 versions of the student note-taking sheets for research. This is one of them.

 These are 2 sided foldables so it helps students to focus on one aspect of note-taking and note-making at a time. I make several copies per student and hand one out at a time for them to work on. Once they have completed and self/buddy checked  the first one, they hand it in to me for a teacher conference. While they begin researching and writing their next paragraph, I can call students down in order of hand in, for a conference. As I notice trends, I may pause the class and explain these to all the kiddies as a mini pointer. I keep a checklist of whom I have seen so that I can chase up or give support where needed.

Once students have conferred with me, they can type that paragraph up on our class GoogleDocs Drive. This can then be checked (for typos only) from home by them, with family support, and by me. When I check their typing, I copy and paste the paragraph below and make typo corrections in the second one, so that they can go back and see the difference (a bit like spot the difference). Once they are happy with it, they can copy and paste the paragraph into a publishing software, app or website, and play with text sizes, fonts, colours and layout.

You might like to explore this link to some student Weeblys from last year.

Now for the freebie. I have also posted the Note-taking/Note making sheets for free, Grab your TpT copy (HERE) 
or you TN copy (HERE)

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