Saturday, 20 April 2013

Body Systems #4 - introducing the Inquiry Cycle model

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In my experience, the steps for inquiry learning need to be made explicit to students at the start of the year, then kept up for reference. This unit on body systems is the first this year where my team wanted the students to follow up with their own line of inquiry independently. So...I thought long and hard about how best to model these steps. I already posted about how we looked at the features of non-fiction text in Body Systems #1 & 2.

Next I reviewed  the Inquiry Cycle as we use it, with my kiddies. Here is an image of it.
For the teacher guided/ modeled part of the inquiry, we looked at the Digestive System for taking the kiddies through this cycle.

Firstly, I was curious to see what they already knew so I gave them a preview. Those of you that use KWL will recognise this as the K (know already) part.
This activity from, required them to match a part of the digestive system with its description:

They soon realised they had plenty to get to grips with :) Particularly with the biological and scientific terminology.
Just as well our first reading strategy focus for the year in Reading had been Understanding Words because those skills will come in handy here.

Next time I will post about how to get your students to ask those deeper, more substantial questions for their  inquiry.

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