Sunday, 28 April 2013

Body Systems #7 - Student Inquiry and freebie

Hello friends,

With the Digestive system inquiry model done, students could start to reflect on what other systems our bodies have, how they function and connect.

For home learning they were asked to find as many systems as they could. This proved interesting because depending on the source (and the number of cross-checking sources they used) they came up with varying amounts. A good lesson to follow on from Body System #6.

From the main ones, we made a chart with a brief description of each.

Then I created a sister chart where students could indicate their choice of the system they wished to inquire into. First we completed a quick prior knowledge activity (Kwl) using this foldable. Quite revealing really!

Next, students wrote and shared their questions (based around Form, Function and Connection), and they were off (kWl).

I posted a whole list of internet links to articles, 3D animations, videos and diagrams for the Y6 group on our team Wiki so that they could access from home if they wished. There was also a pile of non-fiction books to refer to in  class. And thank you Brainpop :) for the videos.

Graphic organisers are a great way to guide this independent part of the journey for your students, so I gave the kiddies this explanation tracker with all the markers we had learned about previously. They can highlight off each bit as they complete it.

I also created this research sheet for them to use and have posted it for FREE on my stores. The links are at the end of this post so hop on over for your copy :)

Students that felt they needed 1-1 with me listed their names on the board and were called down in order for a conference. After working with a couple of students, I added the key concepts to the key words section of their research sheet to remind them what they were looking for and to help them 'sift' out the relevant information.

As they got going, they began to notice some trends with body systems. When looking at the forms (parts) of the systems, they realised that some systems are a circuit, and some are made up of distinct, but in some way, connected parts. (and so kwL begins :)
 We came up with this list on the board.

By having this list on the board to refer to, they could quickly check where to next. Once they had completed and orally shared their introductions, they could add these to our Google Drive for collaboration and moderation. I'll post about how this went, next time.

The links to my shops are here. Hope you find this useful too :)

How do you use organisers to support your inquiries? Would love to read your ideas below.
'Til next time :)


  1. I love your notetaking freebie. I found your blog through the free 4 All linky party :)

  2. Thank you Breanne for visiting. Enjoy the freebie and visit again soon :) I'll be posting this whole unit on my stores real soon, just finishing and posting up some maths resources at the moment.