Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Traffic Light Self Reflections

Hello Friends,

A quick one tonight :)

One new idea I use this year (and really love) is the Traffic Light Self-reflection. There are a few versions out there on the net, to check them out.

I made a poster and played around with the wording a bit until I was happy with it and then put it up above the white board.

I regularly use it in the last 5 minutes of a maths lesson but it can be used anywhere you want quick feedback from your students.

This really encourages on-going self-reflection by your kiddies (and by you - about your teaching - bonus). I also ask the students to write a 1-line 'because...' justification for their smiley choice. This way I can reflect on the planning I do for following lessons and how to cater to my students more accurately.

If you would like a copy, hop over to one of my stores and grab yourself a set.
Would love to hear ways you encourage self-reflection in your classroom?  Link in your ideas or posts below.

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