Monday, 13 May 2013

# final post - Body Systems

Hello friends,

Back into the full swing of Term 2 here in New Zealand. Finishing off one inquiry and already ramping up for the next one.
We had a discussion this week about  what we wanted to do with our Body Systems explanations, now that they were written. With whom, besides our class, would we like to share our learning with.
The aim was to help students realise that the form of presentation they select to do, is directly informed by the audience that they wish to share with.

We came up with a pretty cool list for the last block on a Friday afternoon:
Here is a comprehensive list of options from my Body Systems unit:
Once students decided what option they wanted to use, they met in these groups to brainstorm the requirements of that particular presentation format.
Having all their content text in the class Google Drive means that they can now invest all their efforts in creating their presentations, focusing on visual language elements like titles, borders, page compositions, colour, text-graphics relationships, audience, etc.
Can't wait to see what they create. Friday is the deadline, so all hands on deck :)
Body systems is now available for you to use in your own classrooms with your students. Here is an image of the contents page:

130 pages now available at:

Teachers Pay Teachers

 Teachers Notebook

 Help Me Learn (NZ)

Have a great week everyone :)

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