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Body Systems #9 - presentations

Hello friends,

Welcome to the final installment in the Body Systems series of posts.

At the forefront of our minds in Year 6 is the upcoming exhibition of learning, next term. With that in mind, I let my students run with the presentations they chose to create for their body system, and give them presentation opportunities, in preparation for the 'Big One'.

First, we had to decide who we wished to share our explanation with (audience) - mum & dad, family overseas, another y6 class, another year level class, the www, etc.

Having decided this, it guided the choice of presentation option, for many students. Others chose an option because they wanted to try something new or they stuck with an  'old faithful' to alleviate some stress.

Next they met in presentation groups to set out criteria for their presentation option.

With the poster/ science board / brochure groups, we held a few tutorials around how to copy their edited paragraph into a Pages or Word documents, add colourful borders, select font styles and colours, emphasise titles and include images. Completed publishing was then loaded up into the class Google Drive (see earlier posts in this series), into the Please Print folder for me.

The website and slideshow groups had tutorials around composition, digital headers like flamingtext and gathering & inserting images, with credits.

Those that made movies needed support about how to look at the camera, while reading from a tele-prompter on the screen & how to add in the images and bibliography.

Here are a few examples that have been shared to the class so far:

1) First up - some students chose to work on slideshow presentations. This students created his Keynote slideshow about the Urinary system. Here it is converted into Quicktime. Love the news intro music :)

2) Next - some students chose the movie / video-ed speech option. Here we have a movie about the Integumentary System made with Windows Live Movie Maker and converted to Quicktime. Other students used iMovie or recorded their show with a digital still camera on the record option.

 3) Many students seemed taken by my interest in 'foldables'  this year and went with either a Science Board, or made their own foldable from large sheets of card I found in the Art Resource Cupboard. This Science Board is about the Immune System:

4) This next student shared her information as a laminated mobile. Earlier in the week, our planning teams had enjoyed the opportunity of visiting another local IB school. I had taken some photos in their y6 classrooms which I had shared with my students and voila! Here we have someone trying a new idea - Risk Taker - yay! It is 5 cards high, double sided with images, and hangs from the ceiling. We laminated it and punched holes in the centre (top and bottom). She then joined them up with ribbon and I pinned it to the ceiling.

5)This group of boys created a website to share their information. You will need to click on the link below the image to be taken to it. I love the principle behind this one because I had taught 1 of the boys 2 years ago in y4. Back then I was a digital classroom teacher so pushing that idea to the max, my 8-9 year olds presented their learning around Natural Disasters using Weebly. Now in y6, the apprentice became the expert, and taught the other 2 the ins-and-outs. All I did here was create the domain for them as its in my teacher account. Click HERE for the link. Navigate through the site by clicking the tabs along the top and scrolling down each page.

I hope that gives you and your students some ideas for your next round of learning presentations. Even though we had moved onto our new inquiry around Energy, they continued with this during their literacy time as it formed part of their visual language. Presenting to the class addressed  Oral language, as well. Some students reflected on what its like being in the audience listening to presentations and started to include quizzes and elements of surprise into theirs (independently), to ensure that the audience was engaged. It was well worth the time as so much learning came out of it, including time management.

Finally, I'll leave you with the following two freebies:

1) This is the audience reflection sheet that the class came up with. Students in pairs filled out one of these after each person presented, as did I. These were then collated and given to the presenter for reflection. Click on the image to get your copy

2) This is the assessment we compiled to check for multi-level understanding of the Central Idea (The human body is made up of complex, interconnected systems).
Know / Remember / Apply. Very revealing indeed. Click on the image to download your copy.

I have compiled all my resource, activities, links, teacher and student sheets for this unit in a  130 pg resource that you can purchase at one of the following venues. Hope you have as much fun as we did. Click on the thumbnail below to access the store.

Happy teaching and report writing to my fellow New Zealand teachers and wishing my international friends a fabulous and well-earned summer break :)

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