Wednesday, 31 July 2013

IB Exhibition #1

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This is our IB exhibition term. Very exciting time for both the students and the teachers involved. This is my first year guiding students through the exhibition and there has been a lot of discourse among us about the learning pedagogy behind the purpose of exhibition. Today I read an interesting article by Bruce Hammonds on his blog about what 21st C schools should be delivering as opposed to what they are delivering with standardised testing and narrowing / compartmentalising the curriculum. These are the times when I am glad to teach in an IB school :)

Here is a link to Bruce's blog article

One of the biggest areas of discussion was how far to pull back and how much freedom to give the students around selecting their own learning pathways. Personally I have come to believe that it really depends on the student. Some need more guidance to structure their learning while others are quite capable to do this for themselves.

However, as this is the first for us as a teaching team, we have set:
The Transdisciplinary Theme - Where we are in Place an Time
The Central Idea - Past, present and future shape the technologies of today.

We began by meeting as a year group (all 3 classes together) and the students were taken through a recap about the over-arching ideas of IB Inquiry.

To start with we watched this video:

It generated some great discussions among the students around who is in fact taking charge of your learning.

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