Friday, 16 August 2013

IB - How We Express Ourselves

Hi friends,

When I last taught a How We Express Ourselves Unit  with the Central Idea:
People use many different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings,
As a class, we took the Learner Profile Attributes and looked at them through the Visual Arts lens.
This is the result of our discussions. We found this activity a really useful way of coming to grips with the transdisciplinary nature of these attributes. I hope you enjoy them too.

In this image I printed the palette A3 and the coloured paint discs at a ratio of 1:9 (there are 10) some have USA / UK versions where needed) 

I also included plain discs with the titles only, should you wish to use the exemplars to write your own artist attributes with your students. This resource is now available from the link below. Enjoy :)


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