Sunday, 25 August 2013

Insert a signature into your Blog posts

Today I had a play with signatures, here is how it went :)

Firstly I stumbled across a site called My Live Signature

Here is how I created my signature:
1) Click Start Now and select Using the signature creation wizard

2) Now enter the name you wish to appear in your signature - there is a limit of 25 characters.

 3) In Step 2 - 5 you can select the font, size, colour and slope of your text. Leave the background transparent and click the text colour box to bring up the colour chart.

3) Once you get to this page...
...scroll down until you see this....
...and click on the last one - 'Want to use this signature'

4) You will be taken to this page where you select the HTML option.

5) You will be given 2 options - to generate the code for your signature, or to generate a combined code for signature and information as well. I chose the 2nd option as I wanted to include my social media links and stores with my signature. All fields are optional and I played around with them to fit in what I wanted. Its not perfect but will do for now.

6) The window beneath the fields will show a preview and the code will generate beneath that. Once you are happy, copy the code.

7) Head over to your blog and go to Settings - Post and  comments, paste the code into the box beside Post Template. Save changes.

8) The next time you go to create a post, your signature will appear instantly on your page. You just add your post above it.

I liked this because I did not need a 3rd party site to create the code, however, I wish all my information could be links and also there is a character limit. If you know of a better, easier way, I would love to hear from you :)

Thank you for visiting,


  1. I worked according to all these steps and successfully added a signature into my blog posts. I am extremely happy after doing so. Thanks to you for describing all the steps in such a clear way.
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  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Thank you so much for your comment. Happy to help and it sure is a great timesaver.

  3. The process of adding a signature seemed to me easy. I have tried it earlier by following the steps that I found on some other blog but they confused me. Thanks for explaining it in an easy way.
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