Friday, 30 August 2013

Maths Freebie - Consolidate Place Value

Sorting out Place Value Houses can be really tricky for kiddies. Here is an activity we used at the start of this year. Download yourself a copy for free from the end of this post.

Here are some pictures of my students using them.
Students got to take turns to throw the dice. They had to make the largest or smallest number in the group by thinking about where to place the digit that they threw. I would say that the number had to be decimals only, or between ten thousand and hundredths, maybe it could only contain 2 zeros (where would they place these and why). We played several games of this. It was great to see students adjust their thinking based on experience.
Fold the grey section over and cut into flaps then glue into maths book. Work with the flaps open for the first few turns, then close them to challenge yourself as you learn where the houses are located.
Students need to put in the decimal point as needed, for each of their numbers.

Download your FREE copy here

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