Thursday, 22 August 2013

Modern Learning Spaces

Hello friends,

Don't you just love this picture!

Only one thing missing - my lovely students using it :)

I have the opportunity to rethink the learning space of my classroom with a new Y6 block planned to be erected at our school next year.
I have browsed the net and Pinterest and have found some cool ideas. Would love to hear from anyone that has had the recent opportunity to do the same. Images most welcome.
Here is a link to what I have found so far, on my Pinterest board on this theme

I've been reflecting about how the space could be better used and would love a more homely feel with open plan working / lounging spaces to suit a variety of learning styles. Comfort is first priority (just spent today chasing up on the lack of heating etc yet again for my classroom). I also need to consider fixed computers, portable devices (some student owned), projector screen, Mimio, small group/large group meeting and teaching spaces, and a teacher storage area.

I guess we can only dream. Would be very grateful to hear your thoughts / experiences and any visual resources you could point me toward :)

Ta :)

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