Saturday, 21 September 2013

Art - Calendar Art Update #6

Hi everyone,

I haven't forgotten about the calendar art but it has been a very interesting week in my little corner of the world. Apart from a very busy time preparing my kiddies for their IB Learning Exhibition, I have had a mammoth task of catching up on mountains of writing conferences after being away ill last week. A lot of it is done late into the night with the use of student Google Drive accounts. While technology might make tasks easier and clearer, and open the walls of the classroom, it can also make for more of it and longer hours, late into the night for both students and teachers.

We spent a little bit of our time on our calendars, just to have a change from editing, conferencing and publishing, so here are a couple of progress photos for you to enjoy :)

 I love how each kiddie's personality is coming through :)

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