Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Art - School Calendar Time #3

Time to Start

Today the students received their photo prints. After I took them through the teacher model, they started their 'Sharpie' work. The Sharpie or Vivid is the brand name for the black markers that we use in New Zealand.
The students drew the main outlines for the elements in the photos

They were excited by the images appearing on the back.
Once all the elements had been inked in, we made our way to an empty classroom where we taped the photos up onto the windows white side facing in. Then we taped our wet grade cartridge over our photo and traced our image through. This was to replicate a light table.

Loved seeing this group of mostly 10 year old boys all totally focused on the task, just had to take the photo  :)
Tomorrow we will start designing our patterns based on Eden's body of work so please pop back again.

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