Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Art - School calendar time #4

Referencing the Artist Model
After years of creating School Calendar Art with my classes, a few years ago I went on to creating the art on A3 paper as opposed to the paper provided by the company - which is tiny. This was because the calendar is something that parents pay money to buy and sometimes they buy several copies for grandparents etc. They hang up on display for a year so I felt they needed to be of good quality. Working on A3 also meant that students then had the artwork to keep as well.

I scan the finished work in on our school copier and email the folder to the company. It sure saved them a lot of time too. But you need to carefully label each PDF so that there is no confusion on the other end. And of course only email the ordered artwork, not the whole class. As I already scan the work anyway, to share with parents on line before they order, this is not a big deal.

Now moving on to day 4.
With the students, we viewed examples of Eden's work and then began testing and experimenting with these on the back of the photocopy print, in pencil.

Kids never cease to amaze me with their risk taking and creativity. I felt they did a great job.

Next I asked them to start playing with colours, while I called them to dye is the under-colour for large sections of their good copy. We started with dying the skin.

Here are some photos of dye work on my Teacher Model:

I think you'll agree - they look promising so far :) The students were also asked to locate a motto or quote that they strongly relate to. I asked them to research font styles and play with variations of how they would represent their motto on their picture. They have really come up with some gems.
On the other hand I am still waiting for my daughter to give me one to insert into my teacher model. Ha ha - teacher's kids hey :)

As the students resolved their patterns on their draft (photo print) they transfer these over to their good copy. We also talked about how they could show the 'magic' or 'energy' that exudes from their prop.

Hopefully we can move onto the marker patterns next.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are getting lots of ideas for teaching art within your classes too.

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