Thursday, 12 September 2013

Art - School Calendar Time #5

Digital fun with photos

Oh dear the dreaded flu bug has struck and the doctor has booked me off til next week. I am itching to get back to our awesome artwork but that will simply have to wait now until Monday.

In the meantime I wanted to share a digital option for playing around with photo images. This was something we did for calendar art, 2 years ago. Here is a sample:

 The kiddies (Y4) went out and about the school and took photos of each other during one of our photography units (see links below). They were require to meet certain criteria and this resulted in great variety and creativity. The students uploaded their favourite image to a site called PICNIC which  no longer exists, for modification, finally saving to their desktop. They then overlaid this modified photo on a scan of tessellating patterns that they had created in Maths.

But luckily there are many other free sites for photo editing and this year I had a play with beFunky to achieve the washed-out look for the portraits. Click the image for the link.

Here are my samples with 3 different options.
Charcoal option

Cartoonizer option

Sketcher option

As you can see, they all remove the detail and you can control the extent of that too. For kiddies who find it difficult to ignore the detail and only select the main elements from their photo, this option may help them even more that the photocopier option.
The new image can be saved to your desktop for printing.

In the meantime I have continued with the patterns on my teacher model. Here is a peek:

Links to the Digital Photography Teaching Unit referred to in this post are below.
Internationally available at:
and in New Zealand:

Have a great week everybody :)

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