Sunday, 8 September 2013

Art - School Calendar Time

We started a new art unit this week:

The tricky thing with teaching in the final year  of primary, is that these students have 'been there, done that' at some point through their previous 5 years of schooling and as Y6 teachers, we always needs to be inventing new ways, new ideas and fresh approaches.  This was the case with our approach to the annual school calendar art this week.

Each year we create artwork with every student in the school, which is then scanned and inserted into a calendar for the following year. This is one way our school carries out valuable fundraising.

I usually look for artist models that speak to me at the time and explore this with the students. Pinterest is a great place to start. Here is a link to my art ideas board which you are welcome to follow :).
That is where I came across this inspirational lady.

Eden Gasior writes a blog  called Draw, Doodle, Decorate. Her blog is filled with many of her amasing creations for you to explore. My students were truly gobsmacked.

So I started an exploratory teacher model of my ideas and worked on it a little bit each day. One by one they all got drawn in. I started with this early morning photo of my baby girl, before she left for school.

I printed it in greyscale, then enlarged it to A3 but lightened up the density to  eliminate the finer details.
Then I drew the main outlines on the printed side with a black marker. This was the result on the back, when turned over.
I wanted to show the flow of music so I googled some images of music notes on guitars to inspire this part.

Next I reverse-taped the print to a classroom window and covered it with wet grade cartridge paper. I traced the main elements that I wanted, through with an art pencil.
I am using the reverse of the print as my draft to try out doodle patterns before I use them on my good copy.

Lets see how the kiddies go with theirs, tomorrow :)

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