Thursday, 10 October 2013

Poetry - Colour Poems

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This next poetry unit on Colour Poetry compliments the art unit I wrote called 'Let's learn about colour'. 

This is part of a tri-series on the elements of art which also includes 'Lets learn about line' and 'Let's learn about texture'.

Colour Poetry is a fun way to explore metaphors and abstract thinking. By comparing colour to objects, actions and ideas, children extend their thinking to encompass poetic concepts.

This unit supports quality writing with graphic organisers in both US and UK spelling, that makes it easy to create quality imagery.

Each student will create a unique poem because they relate these images to their personal lives and experiences. For this reason, it can also work well when combined with portraiture art, like

'This is me' and 'Looking in the mirror'
 Writing frameworks are provided and teacher models with a poem exemplar are all there to guide you through.

 You can grab your very own copy of Colours Poetry over at
and in New Zealand

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