Sunday, 6 October 2013

Poetry - Emotion Poems

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Poetry is one of my favourite writing genres to teach. But how to get kiddies to write good poetry? And something new and different from the same old, same old.
My secret is this.
When you find a poem you like, analyse it. What has the author done? There is always a pattern that is identifiable.
Over the years I have had great success by using this method and I am always impressed by the strength and variety that my students deliver.

Poetry is a great way to start the year because it really looks closely at language choices. Also its a  fun way to close out the year as well.

I have started compiling my poetry strategies into units that make it easy-peasy.

Emotion Poems is my first unit.  This is one type of poetry I have used when discussing feelings and emotions with my students. Its a great way to help children understand that its OK to talk about our feelings, to own them and to understand them, because you broach the topic through writing. To understand that we all have feelings and we may not feel the same about things or experiences, is helpful.

Emotion poems identify an emotion with a colour and then analyse it through the senses, using similes. All steps are clearly laid out and student graphic organisers have been created to make it easier for younger students. Of course UK and US spelling has been accommodated where needed on these. Project the steps up on a data projector for your students to follow easily and write your own poem, alongside them, to model the process. This 28 page unit is available from TPT and TNB (internationally) and HML in New Zealand.

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