Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Art Space Furniture

I was surrounded by blank, undecorated walls and until  I had student work to decorate the space, I felt I needed to create some resources to chase away that 'newbie' feeling.

Here I created an 'Action' bulletin board to display student's independent work. I hung some of my own daughters' works to start with but plan to replace these with work from the kiddies as the term progresses.

Here I started setting up the 'Explore and Create' learning centers for early finishers along the perimeter counter. These are called 'Cartooning, Free Draw & Stencils' 

This bulletin board idea came from 
I wrote a profile for Kandinsky - the first artist we looked at.

I also created some lettering for the Elements of Art - they were fun to make  and look great on the sloping white ceiling panels

These Learner attribute posters came from 
and look great, I just had to adapt the Risk-taker to Courageous and we were good to go - thank you Emer Downing for sharing this resource.

My new teaching station arrived, as did the student tables, just waiting on the stools so kept using the old tech room wheelie chairs in the meantime.

Here I was all set up for the first few classes with different learning stations at each bench. I planned to rotate the students through each centre every 10 - 15min. Will let you know soon how it all went.

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