Friday, 21 November 2014

Independent Reading with Purpose

As soon as my students start reading their self selected chapter books for independent reading, It is no longer possible to set book specific comprehension activities . We still want to help them think about what they were reading and to read with purpose. So I made a set of Reader Response Stems based on the same comprehension strategies that I use with them in shared/teacher directed reading sessions.

These Reader Response Stems can be used by the students for any book that they are reading. It can be matched to the strategy you are covering with the class at the time. You could used it for independent practice once you have finished teaching a specific strategy to your class and use it as an assessment tool to see if they are using that strategy fluently or whether they may need some more direct teaching on it.

The 11 strategies covered in the set include:
  • making connections
  • asking questions
  • visualising (making mental pictures)
  • inferring (predicting)
  • summarising
  • synthesising
  • author's message
  • evaluating
  • setting (time and place)
  • characters
  • language

and suit students from ages 9 and older.
You can get your very own copy which includes both a UK and USA spelling set (simply delete the one you don't need from the PDF)
by clicking here (TPT) or here (TNB).

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