Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Beautiful Oops! - celebrating mistakes

Today I would like to share about celebrating our mistakes and those of our students
While we may give lip service to this notion regularly, unless we tangibly show evidence of the value derived from making mistakes, our students simply won’t believe us.
Mistakes are crucial to discovery and can be doorways to new adventures.

I have shared this book - The Beautiful Oops - with my students this year, as a jumping-off point for discussions around this very topic.

Lets meet the Author:

I consider these first 2 artworks to be exquisitely beautiful. The objective here was to work on painting accuracy by laying down different colours inside each concentric circle track. Even though these students are still developing their skills for painting accurately, the accidental of colour blending along the way meant that they learnt about the medium they were using and also about a new technique in the process. Moments of significant discoveries, at their individual developmental stages. A trophy of new learning - if you will.
For me its these happy accidents that make each student's work unique.
Student aged 4-5

Student aged 4-5

In the next 2 samples, these previous discoveries about blendign with liquid paint/dye are now applied and used with purpose, this time being valued as THE focus of the work.

Student aged 6

Student aged 7

This Y4 sample shows further development of the technique - now being used for a specific sunset effect, forming a layer in the work that enhances the content, other techniques and media.

Student aged 8

My final reference to the book today are these 2 images showing how students can turn trash into treasure. A collaborative Y3 group uses paper off-cuts for creating a coral reef for their fish,
while Y1 students took great delight selecting just the right strip of guillotine trimmings for their weaving.

I leave you with this thought - The past is where you make your mistakes and the future is where you apply the lessons learnt from them.

Happy discovering everybody :)

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