Thursday, 13 November 2014

Whole School Art Mural - Mini Me

So I wanted to try an idea I came across on Pinterest that I could do with every class as a warm up to the term and end up with a mural by the end of the year that represented every child that I had taught.
This image is the first 2 grade levels on display, please excuse the wobble - its a pano shot from my iphone.

First I cut  wet grade paper to A6 size and by cutting for each class as they were due to arrive, meant I didn't spent hours over the guillotine :)

For variety, I selected a colour scheme for each class at the grade levels (3 per grade) as follows:
- red, orange, yellow
- yellow green blue
- blue, purple red

We used wax crayons and liquid dye (paint) for the medium

I modeled the steps on the board as the children told me what to do next, e.g.
T: "Who can tell me how to start drawing my face?"
S1: "You start with a circle, miss"
S2: "Actually its more like an oval"
T drawing: "Like this?"  .....and so on.

Through this tutorial (that was actually reversed because the students were doing the guiding and I was drawing same as they were) it broke down barriers between new teacher and student very quickly. I could also ascertain at a high level the type of approach students had toward art and how they felt about themselves as artists.

I asked the students to draw straight away with the indelible crayon to:
- get away from the 'it needs to be perfect' mindset
- get students to concentrate on what they were doing
- experience making mistakes and see that it is okay
- use a tool that was thick and cumbersome to work with,
- keep the drawings simple and force students to look carefully at shape, size and position of the elements of the face before drawing them.
In short - to be risk-takers/courageous artists and thinkers (IBO learner attributes).

By the way, I don't like erasers in the classroom but more about that later :)

Once students had 'lightly' followed the tutorial, I asked them to make any modifications that they felt their's needed, then to darken up the lines that they wanted to keep. I also asked them to colour some parts solid and to pattern other parts for individuality, aiming to be different from the people sitting beside them.
Finally they selected a liquid dye colour and gave their mini-me portraits a wash.

Once I have taught all the classes, I will have a huge mural across my ceiling that blends through the colour wheel from red to red:)
Here are some student sample close-ups - ages 4-6  :)

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