Saturday, 20 December 2014

Learning Centers for Visual Art #1

As teachers, we are really good at maximizing students' independent learning times by setting out guided learning centers where they can further extend their understanding by consolidating skills or as provocations for exploring new concepts.

By including visual art and craft in our centers, we can help students develop their creativity, problem solving, perseverance and fine motor skills.

I have written 2 resources of Art Learning Center ideas that you can use to support this curriculum area in your classroom.

Set 1 contains ideas about:
* Colouring/Coloring
* Play-dough sculpture
* Pipe-cleaner sculpture
* Drawing guides
* Stencils

Set 2 contains ideas about:
* Chalk board
* Art puzzles
* Cartooning
* Lettering
* Still life
* Weaving

The 2 resources contain all labels and information for setting up these centers and it is recommended that the activities are rotated regularly to keep it fresh.

They are available internationally as digital downloads from:

In New Zealand they are also available as a combined set mailed out on CD from:

Some further resources to help you set up and get started, can be accessed on my Pinterest boards below:

I hope you find these resources useful too !

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