Monday, 19 January 2015

Painting water for Something Fishy

With my Y3 students, we also explored the element of line and used 'wavy' lines to help us draw water ripples.

We looked at many photographs of moving, rippling water and Paua / Abalone shell to inspire us.

The colours of these shells are so beautiful and we really wanted to capture the essence and iridescence of them.
The trick was to use metallic student acrylic paints on black cartridge paper and... Voila!

Gold and copper metallics also help to add the sparkle, but keep an eye on this bit as little ones LOVE anything shiny and will easily over-do it.

Visit TPT (here) and TNB (here) to view my step-by-step art lesson guide for Something Fishy (with New Zealand cultural line pattern focus). Assessment Rubric for Level 2 and student self reflection included.

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