Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wassily Kandinsky - father of abstraction #2

GOING FURTHER with The Dot by Peter Reynolds
If you have already read my previous post, you will have seen the video of this great little book. With my students, we painted our own 'Dots' and compiled them into a colourful classroom mural.
Here are some samples from Y1 (ages 4-5) using water soluble dye:

Here are some samples from Y3 (ages 6-8) with tempera pressed block paint:

Together as a stunning mural (3 x Y1 classes and 3 x Y3 classes):

I have published the step-by-step instructions to this activity as part of this 68 page art unit available on line from TPT(click here) and TNB(click here):

There is also a phenomenon called CIRCLE PAINTING that is worth investigating further if you are interested.
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