Saturday, 10 January 2015

Wassily Kandinsky - father of abstraction #3

GOING FURTHER with Kandinsky's Several Circles:

After our small group discussions about this painting (see this previous post) I spent some time sharing with the students about Kandinsky and his life experiences. This can be run as a hot-seat activity (a common drama element), where the expert on a famous person (in this case, me) can dress in costume to represent the character that they are taking the role of. Students can then ask you questions as if interviewing the actual person, trying to get to know more about them.

Next I printed a small colour image for each student and we took some time to individually explore this painting in our sketchbooks by having a go at reproducing in to a larger scale. I found it fascinating to see what different elements stood out for each student and which elements they completely missed. A great activity to promote skills of observation, discrimination, comparison and contrast.
The following resource pages form part of this 74 page art unit available on line from TPT(click here) and TNB(click here). These art journal pages come in 2 levels - for younger and older students:

I really hope you find them useful too.

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