Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wassily Kandinsky - just for fun

As students completed their Kandinsky's Gardens paintings, I set out a printing learning center for them to experiment with more circles.

The center had:
- black paper strips (A3 triple-coated cartridge cut in half lengthwise). You need to provide white crayons for students to name their work :)

- plates of bright, pastel, metallic and fluro colours, and white

- a variety of circle shaped stamping objects, including ear buds, straws, lids, plastic rings, empty glue sticks, etc.

After a brief demonstration, paying particular attention to the work flow order, students were encouraged to experiment and print a composition of circles. 

Once complete and hanging up to dry, students could go back and experiment further. Soon they were finding new ways to make marks with the stampers.

Super fun!! and a cool display the variety and so vibrant  :)

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