Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wassily Kandinsky - Kandinsky's Garden Art Unit

With all the provocation, exploration and skill practice done, the Y1s  started on their individual art pieces - our Kandinsky's Gardens.
The students were working on a Social Studies unit back in class relating to public spaces we use and a colourful garden, where we could play, sounded like a great ideas for an art piece.
Exemplars of rolling hills images available on line

We sketched up our rolling hills and sky and applied 2 different paint finishes. The students started painting the hills first to build their skills for smooth painting, as this area had a line texture applied to the wet paint so messy painting was less noticeable :)

Next they completed the sky hues as smoothly as they could. This gave them a background of  'cool' tones.
A photo I took in Arrowtown, South Island NZ - love Autumn colours

To make their flowers / trees, we first painted our own Red and Gold papers, and applied the line textures to the Red where they were more visible.

Once they cut out all their multiple sized discs, they were left with a great maths challenge. They had to sort by size and colour and layer their discs to make their flowers.
To make this manageable, I gave each students a named envelope to store their discs in between visits to the Art Space, and stored each class set of envelopes separately.

Great fine-motor development for little hands

The final step was to compose their discs within their painted landscapes and add branches or stems to their painting and voila! - Kandinsky's Gardens.

This 74 page step-by-step art lesson includes all instructions for Kandinsky's Garden as well as the materials for the provocation activities written about in previous posts. It can be purchased from

TPT(click here) and TNB(click here):

They will make a great impact of colour on your walls.

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