Monday, 20 April 2015

Art Club -Uncle Andy's Cats

Something else I do during the year is to regularly run art clubs for the different year levels. Some I run during lunchtimes and some are run after school.
With the Year 3's I wanted to try this idea I spotted on Pinterest as it lent itself well to our overall theme of learning about the element of line.

This one was based on the following book about Andy Warhol and his cats

And here is my version...

I was pretty pleased with it actually and had it made into keyring tags as a gift for a friend and for my mum (from a photo that is as the work itself is A3 in size)

With the students, I first gave a tutorial about layering, object height and sizing to explore the element of Space. We also looked at the basic shapes used to compose the cats and how to show personality through facial expressions - then they went for it. 

Students practiced in their art journals first and then drew up their favourite ones to A3 paper. here are some photos of the process.

I just love artwork about cats, aren't these cat expressions the cutest :)

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Painting Poppies

In Flander's Field where poppies blow...

 As ANZAC day approaches here in New Zealand, thought turns to those who fought for our freedom and those who still continue to do so today, across the world. We also reflect on the huge cost to individuals, families and nations as the lives of loved ones are lost, both servicemen and woman as well as civilian. And the survivors who are forever altered, both physically and mentally.
We will remember...
Please attend an ANZAC day service near you on Saturday 25th April, and pray for peace on earth.

These are my water-colour poppies that I painted during the current term break. Poppies are my favourite flower and I remember as a child playing in fields of them, growing wildly across the road from my grandmother's house in Hungary.
I think there may be a lesson in water-colour painting and colour theory for my senior students with this one :) Watch this space.
In the meantime, I have loaded up the video tutorials on the art videos page of my help-me-learn site for anyone that is interested in having a go:

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Something Fishy - Sea Creatures with NZ patterns

One of my favourite NZ illustrators has always been Warren Pohatu. We looked at his work as a provocation for patterning our sea creatures. The aim was to communicate our NZ culture through our choice of lines and patterns.

We started our drawing practice by following a few drawing tutorials on youtube.
I have linked a couple below:

The students used reference images for drawing practice in their art journals too and tried out many different sea creatures before they settled on one to enlarge for their final. This they decorated with New Zealand kowhaiwhai patterns following our analysis of some of these. On a side note, there is great similarity between NZ Maori culture and language and that of Hawaii.
Here are images of the teacher models I used to demonstrate for the students. The whale was completed in water-colour / water soluble artist dye and the dolphins where finished with oil pastels, overpainted with black water-colour / water soluble artist dye .

For step-by step support, you can purchase this 78 pg. unit for your school to compliment any study based on the oceans and creatures that live in it.
Available on Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers.
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