Monday, 20 April 2015

Art Club -Uncle Andy's Cats

Something else I do during the year is to regularly run art clubs for the different year levels. Some I run during lunchtimes and some are run after school.
With the Year 3's I wanted to try this idea I spotted on Pinterest as it lent itself well to our overall theme of learning about the element of line.

This one was based on the following book about Andy Warhol and his cats

And here is my version...

I was pretty pleased with it actually and had it made into keyring tags as a gift for a friend and for my mum (from a photo that is as the work itself is A3 in size)

With the students, I first gave a tutorial about layering, object height and sizing to explore the element of Space. We also looked at the basic shapes used to compose the cats and how to show personality through facial expressions - then they went for it. 

Students practiced in their art journals first and then drew up their favourite ones to A3 paper. here are some photos of the process.

I just love artwork about cats, aren't these cat expressions the cutest :)

With love, as always

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  1. Can't wait to try some of these ideas with my class. Thanks so much for the inspiration <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by Mrs Mac. You will have a lot of fun with this, I'm sure :)