Sunday, 19 April 2015

Painting Poppies

In Flander's Field where poppies blow...

 As ANZAC day approaches here in New Zealand, thought turns to those who fought for our freedom and those who still continue to do so today, across the world. We also reflect on the huge cost to individuals, families and nations as the lives of loved ones are lost, both servicemen and woman as well as civilian. And the survivors who are forever altered, both physically and mentally.
We will remember...
Please attend an ANZAC day service near you on Saturday 25th April, and pray for peace on earth.

These are my water-colour poppies that I painted during the current term break. Poppies are my favourite flower and I remember as a child playing in fields of them, growing wildly across the road from my grandmother's house in Hungary.
I think there may be a lesson in water-colour painting and colour theory for my senior students with this one :) Watch this space.
In the meantime, I have loaded up the video tutorials on the art videos page of my help-me-learn site for anyone that is interested in having a go:

With love, as always...

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