Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Sparkle in the Northern Hemisphere

As I sit here huddled over the heater and watching the miserable weather being covered on the evening news, I can't help but be envious of our teaching friends in the Northern Hemisphere who are entering their warmer seasons. My sister- in-law in the UK has been posting beautiful spring  photographs of the countryside in the North around Marple, lately.

But then when I look at the great fun we had here over our unless summer of 2014/15, and I'm satisfied. As part of my Seasons unit to help teach Y2 about Colour Theory, one class focused on the colours of  summer and produced some stunning pieces.

We worked on A2 paper for these as I was curious to see how they would cope with a larger canvas. Well what do you think? I think they produced beautiful artworks.

I used the Marzano scale to write up the levelled  success criteria for this unit and have included these for you as well. They cover, drawing skills, painting skills and Colour concepts.
Marzano examples on Pinterest

Summer Sparkle is completed and written up in my familiar step-by-step format, for you to enjoy. Click on the RESOURCES button next to the HOME button at the top of this page to link to my stores.

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